Non-Contact LCD Digital Infrared Thermometer Baby/Adult Specification: Product name Electronic thermometer with automatic standby and self detection function Temperature measurement range 10-60°C Body temperature 34-42.99°C Temperature measurement time about 2 seconds Temperature display accuracy +0.1°C Tolerance accuracy of body temperature measurement +0.3°C Display mode LCD Product size L145mmx W93mmx H38mm Weight ≤110g Current consumption OFF≤50μA, Dynamic ON≤20mA DC power supply DC 3.0V (2 AAA batteries Not Included) Work environment Ambient temperature 10°C ~40°C Relative humidity ≤85%RH Atmospheric pressure 70kPa~ 106kPa The internal DC power supply DC 3V has a relative error of+5%and-10% Keep 1-3cm distance between infrared thermometer and forehead Features: 1. It can be applied to different skin color, with measurement time≥1s 2. 8s automatic shutdown without operation 3. °C/*F switching, audio / mute mode switching 4. Backlight source 5.32 groups of memory reading function 6. Measuring range of infrared electronic thermometer: (34°C~42.9°C/93.2*F ~109.2°F) 7. Electric shock protection: internal power supply, type B application 8. Liquid inlet protection casification: general equipment 9. Operation mode: continuous operation 10. This product can not be used in the presence of flammable anesthetic gas mixed with air or flammable anesthetic gas mixed with oxygen or nitrous oxide.

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Non-Contact LCD Digital Infrared Thermometer Baby/Adult

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