We assist people who need help with delivery from oversea stores, anyone can get shipping assistants around the world through us. You are the shopper and we are the forwarder for your orders, We provide you with receiving addresses in the country you want to shop. we can also shop for you(Assisted Purchase) if you cannot shop directly by yourself, and help with international delivery of your orders, in case you can shop by yourself we provide you our address for shopping and help with international package forwarding. Our service is a convenient and safe platform created to help shoppers around the world to shop in any online stores worldwide and receive their orders to their preferred forwarding addresses worldwide. Submit your purchase or delivery offer and see how easy, simple and convenient it is delivery your orders to your door step. To begin, go to book or submit offer, fill in your offer information including your shipping address, product price, description, product link and submit. we will respond with receiving address and payment information in case you want us to shop on your behalf in the country of your choice. We provide receiving addresses and Forwarding services from the following countries. USA Germany United Kingdom Canada Australia Sweden Finland Nederland Spain etc. Shipping package to a shopper The most exciting and important part of our service is that once we receive your order from the seller we will provide all additional services like custom documentation, checking, repacking and send you a shipping notification, after your confirmation, we can then ship the package to its final destination according to your provided forwarding address.

  • Category: Purchase Assistance/Order forwarding Service
  • Duration: 01:01 Hours


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