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30 May

/blog/neuroleak-2COVID-19 – otherwise known as novel coronavirus – has been dominating the headlines recently. At the beginning of 2020, COVID-19 attacked human being, and now it is getting worse and worse in all over the world. They are carried by body fluids, mostly saliva and mucus secretions (oral and nasal; it’s unknown whether eye secretions are infectious). If an infected individual coughs and you breathe in the fluid particulates, you can be infected. It can also be spread if you touch an infected body part, e.g. shaking hands that have infectious fluids, then touching your nose or mouth. Do masks prevent coronavirus? According to the facts in China, we know N95 masks or disposable surgical masks can provide limited protection for coronavirus in daily life. 


With the spread of COVID-19, the need for N95 masks and surgical masks to protect from viruses has increased. Of course, using only a face mask to protect ourselves isn’t enough. There are other precautions to protect yourself against the COVID-19 but certainly wearing a face mask is one of them. That’s because they protect the nose and mouth and those are the entrances any virus uses to infect a person.

As such, the COVID-19 spreads like the cold and flu virus. And measures against those viruses would also work against the COVID-19, e.g. washing your hands with soap for 20 secs, not touching your face with unwashed hands, etc. It is unknown whether COVID-19 can spread through inanimate objects like an infected doorknob. But handwashing and using hand sanitizers after touching public surfaces should prevent that.

As for facial barriers, something as simple as a scarf or paper towel should work. Using a face mask like surgical masks and N95 medical masks is the effective ways to protect you, too. But the demand of surgical masks and N95 masks is very high now, much stores are out of stock and lots of people couldn’t buy it in their local. Some people are trying to order some N95 masks online. So where can we get some N95 masks or surgical masks to protect ourselves from COVID-19?


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