About Us
Neuroleak platform is devoted mainly for Medicine & HealthCare | Fashion & Beauty | Coaching & Wellness | Diet & Pleasure| Romance & Relationship as well as neuro-cinematic content creation. The idea that every products and contents, that people see, touch, feel and interact with, has a direct connection with the human brain in a specific way, depending on the individual conceptualization for such product, gave birth to Neuroleak as a platform for brain and consumer interaction. Also the act of telling stories of Neuroscience in the cinematic view point as it relates to human experiences in a way of understanding different biological phenomenon that could settle issues like self-doubt gave raise to our neuro-cinematic science fiction movies, film making, and creation of consumer contents using specific information extracted from the deep structures of brain model that triggers emotions of likes and dislike, sense of quality and texture in consumer goods. This led to our several trainings in science fiction, film making, decision neuroscience for entrepreneurs. We believe we have achieved a milestone and still working hard to achieve more in our content creation and the most important milestone is the appreciation, trust and love from our customers.